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Michael W., Ithaca, NY

Filed my tax returns for the past 6 years

“fantastic service...”

lower tax debt

David B., Salt Lake City, UT

Resolved over $125,000 in federal taxes

“outstanding. thank you.”

settle tax debt

Marie M., Los Angeles, CA

Settle tax debt for a fraction of what I owed

“tax debt solutions that work”

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Rocket Relief is trusted by small businesses,
non-profits, and individuals nationwide.

World-class tax experts

Rocket Relief's tax pros are hand selected and vetted to retain the best professionals in the industry.

No Hidden Fees

Nothing hidden, ever. We relish transparency and simple billing.

Flat Fees

Our fees are flat. Period. Scope of work is defined early, so you know what to expect.

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You will always have direct contact with your professional. Try that with the other guys.

Tax Debt Solutions

We compare your case against all available tax debt solutions to resolve your case, even settle tax debt if possible.

Rocket Relief Platform

Rocket Relief uses cutting-edge technology to streamline the resolution process for our clients.

Rocket Relief is the company we would want
to do business with. That’s why we built it.

For years tax debt resolution was about misleading sales practices and poor client service. And you know what? It didn’t work. Sales pitches don’t get IRS disputes resolved. Rocket Relief tackles IRS disputes from an entirely different angle: a focus on communication and collaboration. Rocket Relief brings people together.

Our tax professionals work on-demand. We work swiftly and professionally to resolve tax disputes, even lower tax debt or settle tax debt if possible. We carefully analyze each of our client's circumstances and compare those circumstances against all available tax debt solutions, to ensure you get the best resolution possible. Results are not guaranteed, but our service is. This is how we stand out in the crowded market for tax debt solutions and services.

We offer fair, simple, and flat fees. Understanding fee schedules can be confusing. We have made it easy. One fee, that's all. Plus, the scope of work is defined early, so you know exactly what to expect.

Founded by attorneys from some of the most prestigious law firms in the nation, Rocket Relief is redefining how taxpayers access and engage with tax experts all across the nation.

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