Settle Your Tax Debt for Pennies on the Dollar

June 23, 2015

A Message from our CEO:

Every day I receive phone calls from taxpayers all across the country who need help resolving past tax debts and are struggling to find a competent tax professional. Many of the people who call Private Tax Relief have seen commercials on television advertising that tax debt can be “settled for pennies on the dollar.” Others who call Private Tax Relief have talked to tax companies who employ a battery of salespeople, with no professional license, who are trained to sell callers on promises of tax settlements and penalty abatements. The fees for these services can be outrageous — and the results, less than satisfactory.

Let me say, Shame on these companies. These companies know who they are. Unfortunately, many consumers do not. The Federal Trade Commission and State Attorney Generals cannot work fast enough to put a stop to these unscrupulous sales companies that masquerade as tax firms. These companies are not honest or fair and are not concerned for their clients and the outcome of their cases.

In light of this, let me outline a few tale-tell signs that you might be dealing with a dishonest company:

1) You talk to a salesperson, not a licensed professional. No self-respecting attorney or CPA would allow you to speak with a salesperson. If you find yourself speaking with a salesperson, I suggest you hang up and move on to a legitimate tax company.

2) You are asked for your credit card information BEFORE reviewing and signing an Engagement Letter.Again, no self-respecting tax professional would take payment from you before making sure that the Engagement is well defined in a written agreement. A company that accepts payment before defining the scope of the engagement is more interested in collecting cash and sales than real tax resolution.

3) You are promised or guaranteed a tax settlement, penalty abatement, or other resolution. These types of promises are impossible to keep, regardless of a professional’s experience or credential. Experienced professionals can describe the likelihood of success for certain resolutions (based on descriptions of your personal circumstances), but promises and guarantees are impossible to keep.

4) No ownership details or physical address are listed on the company’s website. Honest owners don’t hide from the services their companies provide. Simple as that.

For years, tax debt resolution has been about sales pitches and poor client service. This trend continues today, despite increasing government intervention. Sales pitches don’t get IRS disputes resolved. I built Private Tax Relief because it is the kind of company I would want to do business with. We have never employed a salesperson. Every prospective client who calls us talks directly with a licensed professional, either a CPA or an attorney. Our Engagement Letters are designed to help our clients understand the scope of the Engagement and the fee schedule before making any commitment. Accordingly, we write our Engagement Letters in plain English and give our clients time to review and ask questions before signing it or making any sort of payment.

Before hiring any tax company, I encourage our readers to be careful and skeptical. Research the company and its owners. Make sure you are talking to a professional and feel comfortable with that person before making any commitments. Dealing with the IRS and past due taxes is an emotional process. It is difficult. It is expensive. It is time-consuming. It is the last thing anybody wants to do. But it is important.

Having an honest, responsive, and competent professional represent you can make a world of difference. Please, be careful. Be skeptical. Make sure you are talking with a tax professional who is competent on matters of taxation. Settle for nothing less than the best when choosing a tax professional, and you will receive the best outcome possible for your case.

Jon Miller
CEO, Private Tax Relief, Inc.


About Our CEO. Jon is the founder and president of Private Tax Relief. Prior to Private Tax Relief Jon worked as a CPA in two of the top accounting firms in the country as well as CEO of two technology companies. Jon has 22 years of experience as a CPA and specializes in tax resolution matters.

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