How it Works

A Simple, Risk-Free Way to Hire the Right Tax Professional

Our team at RocketRelief put together this video entitled "Tax Relief Shenanigans" to illustrate what we see going on in the tax relief industry. Let us know if you think we nailed it.

The tax industry is in shambles.

We don't need to tell you that the Tax Relief industry is total chaos. "Caveat emptor" (or "buyer beware") is the advice we would give anyone before contracting with a tax relief company. So with that in mind, we thought we would create a checklist you can use when evaluating prospective providers - so you don't get duped.

Questions You Should Ask

1) What is the name of person who owns or runs the company?

2) Are you hiding fees from me? We're 95% certain that they are.

3) Does the company guarantee specific results?

4) Do you offer a refund of unearned fees?

Rocket Relief's Answers

1) We relish transparency. Read about our CEO.

2) We charge flat fees. We have no hidden fees.

3) We do not guarantee results. If you come across a company that does, walk away. Of course, our professionals do know the law and the trends with the IRS, so we can predict the likeliness of your success, but never guarantee it.

4) We refund all fees that we have not earned. No need to snail mail us the industry-standard 3-page refund application; just call us up.