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Private Tax Relief FAQ

What is Private Tax Relief?

Private Tax Relief is a tax resolution firm. We employ experienced CPAs, ex-IRS revenue officers, and attorneys who are focused on providing unmatched service and getting you the best result possible.

What is the scope of work? What if it changes?

The scope of the work is agreed upon in writing between you and your tax professional before work begins. From time to time, clients’ circumstances change and the scope of the work may expand or contract. If you determine that you need additional services mid-project, we are here to help. Likewise, per our refund policy, you are entitled to receive a refund of any unperformed work at any time.

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Pricing, Payments, Refunds

How much does Private Tax Relief cost? Can I use it for free?

It is a long-held belief at Private Tax Relief that our clients should have predictability in pricing. Accordingly, almost all of our fees are priced on a flat-fee basis. We don't require extended commitments, retainer, or 30-days notice for contract cancellation. Fees for tax relief services range from $500 and up, depending on the nature of the tax problem. Keeping with our mission statement, every customer receives a free, no obligation consultation when he or she signs up for the first time. This will allow you to fully engage Private Tax Relief before you decide if you want to pay for the service.

Are Private Tax Relief fees flat?

Yes. Private Tax Relief has been designed to break free from traditional billing practices. Our fees are flat, and you will know the amount of the fee and scope of the work before billing begins.

How does payment work?

Before beginning work, Private Tax Relief will prompt you to enter credit card credentials to pay the prearranged fee.

Can I get a refund, should I ask for one?

Yes. All payments are refundable to the extent of any work that remains unperformed.

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Privacy, Confidentiality, Requirements

How do you protect my privacy and confidentiality?

Private Tax Relief takes measures across several important areas to protect the privacy of your information. This includes best practices to secure your data (as described more thoroughly in the answer to the next question). Most importantly, we protect your privacy by the quality of people we hire to work for Private Tax Relief.

Is Private Tax Relief secure?

The login area is SSL secure. Private Tax Relief is secured by leading security providers Verisign and McAfee. We use 256-bit high-grade encryption, twice the 128-bit industry standard. Encryption makes it very difficult for unauthorized people to view information traveling between your computer and our website. All login areas are password protected — the only people who can access these areas are people with the account username and password. We highly recommend you keep your username and password confidential. All passwords are encrypted on our own servers for added security. For more information, visit our Security Overview page.

What web browsers are compatible with Private Tax Relief?

We've tested Private Tax Relief across multple browsers running on Windows and Mac. All browsers should work properly with our website.

Who do I contact if I'm having technical issues?

For technical issues or to report a bug, please email For other contact information, visit our Contact Page. You can always give us a call at 866.347.5425 during normal business hours.

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